Melbourne  Vic. Australia  3101
phone  0448 295 732
I am a practicing artist living in Melbourne, Australia.
I was trained through the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Melbourne, and have further developed my skills using a variety of mediums and visual inspirations.
I have held exhibitions in private gallery spaces through Victoria to positive reviews and successful sales.
Andrew Mark Gould
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Violence - Andrew Mark Gould - Melbourne Victoria.
Violence - Andrew Mark Gould
The medium used in these two pieces is oil on canvas ranging from 1 meter wide to 2 meters wide.
I enjoy depicting all variety of subject matter, from abstract to landscape, though I do prefer representing figurative, surreal pieces.

I wish to display work, to reach a new range of art lovers, and to become part of the bigger art community.
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Saigon at night - Andrew Mark Gould - Melbourne Vic.
Saigon at night - Andrew Mark Gould
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