North Curl Curl, Sydney Northern Beaches NSW
Phone:  612 8086 0336
Candyss Crosby
Contemporary Australian Artist

Painting for me is a process of exploration and experimentation.  I use oil paint as my main medium as it enables spontaneous markings and fluidity that other mediums don't allow.
Artist - Candyss Crosby
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Candyss Crosby - Rock Pools
Creating and painting is an integral part of my everyday life. I have to paint, I love to paint and I am not myself if I don't paint. I also spend a lot of time writing poems and songs.
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Candyss Crosby - Jindabyne
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Rick Pools by Candyss Crosby North Curl Curl, Sydney NSW
Jindabyne by Candyss Crosby North Curl Curl, Sydney NSW
Candyss Crosby at the Melbourne Art Show
Candyss at the Melbourne Art Show
My inspirations

My greatest inspiration is traveling by foot or by car throughout Australia and America.  The artists that inspire me are Brett Whiteley,  Fred Williams,  Mark Rothko and Michael Johnson.  My children, the land, music, the sea, rhythm, pattern, lines, visual dreams, and a good glass of wine.

How would I describe my contemporary artwork?

Earthy, intuitive, expansive, strong, wide open spaces, spontaneous, playful, experiential.

Visit my Sydney Gallery or studio

My new gallery opened on October 1st 2010 in Balgowlah.  I am exhibiting my own work, beautiful glass art, ceramics, and Australian handmade jewellery. You are also welcome to visit my working studio in North Curl Curl in Sydney's Northern Beaches area.